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Dating Thai Girls

Thai Girlfriend (1)
Thai woman are submissive and make the best wives and girlfriends. All Thai girls are hookers and thieves. Thai girls are stupid and easy to lay. So many stories, stigmas, biases, and opinions. Yet despite all the bad press, the same questions remain, "What is it like being with Thai or Asian women? Are the stories can I be with one of these girls?"

Thai Girls:

Flowers or Gardners

Thai Girl Flower Gardener 13
It's said in every relationship there is a gardener and a flower. One person is responsible for the work, and the other is responsible for...well being admired. With Thai girls it can get a bit confusing, but after a lot of hard work, countless Sukhumvit nights, and some legally questionable methods we may have cracked the code.


Dec 2017 Bangkok Motor Expo

Bangkok Motor Show 2017 Thai Girls 1
As November gives way to December in Thailand we can usually count on two things, cooler weather and the annual Bangkok Motor Expo. You might have guessed , but for us, the automotives ranked a distant second to the beautiful Thai girls running around Impact Arena. Have a peak inside to see more Thai cuties looking hot and tempting next to cars we can't afford! :p

2017 Bangkok Motor Show

38th Annual Bangkok Motorshow Logo
The 2017 38th annual Bangkok Motor Show was a packed event at the Muang Thong Thani Arena. All the usual suspects were in attendance...BMW, Toyota, Porsche, Harley Davidson, Ferrari and so on. However it's safe to say the automotives were not the main attraction for us.

Best Time to Come to Thailand

Thai Woman In Santa Outfit
Well boys and girls, I know the holidays have already come and gone for you. However here in Thailand the winter seasonal holidays carry on well into Febuary. Three months, four major holidays and we haven't even got to Thai New Year.
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